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Tiny Farm Gets Creative 'Reset'

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Today team Gardenfarm visited Jamie and Shannon's lovely farm, with the goal of thinking up ways to make it even lovelier.

Yes, we will make recomendations about how to make more income with more fun. We'll think up work-around to the obvious obstacles: wind, bunnies.

But shaping the culture of the house in the direction of its pre-exisiting 'best self' is the most powerful thing we can make happen. Here is how I do it:

The way I start all my consultations is by getting us all taking ten 'postcard' pictures of combinations we find beautiful. Then we work out why, and we do more of that. We do less of whats in the ten 'unbeautiful' pictures.

Have a look:

What words would you use to discribe the culture of Jamie and Shannon?

Elegant, restrained colors. Natural reclaimed materials. Animals of extreme charm and prettiness. Appreciation of items from the past: Great Grandma's farm table, Grannies picket fence. Symmetical balance and clean right angles. Having a clear, uncomplicated built infrastrucrure, that brings stability and security to the meandering of the animals and people. This balance happens at a deepter level too, with lovely harmonious straight lines helping focus and guide the thougths and motivation of the people who live here.

We will also decide on fun, do-able income streams where wind and bunnies aren't a problem


-Fish farm

-Micro-music festival

-Breeder of Exotic breeds - dogs, chickens, whatever you love


So the focus will be house culture at one end, agricuture on the other. This couple do things with love and excellence, I[m so looking forward to the result.

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