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What I'm Doing Now February 2024

Teshima Art Museum by Ryue Nishizawa, Teshima Island, Japan

I'm staying in an apartment in Footscray, Inner Melbourne.  It overlooks the Maribyrnong River, where I take my morning walk, through a lovely wetland of waterbirds. I'm still waiting to manifest my next Zen Permaculture house.  That might be why I have torrents of energy for decluttering and harmonizing the homes of others.

Home Harmonizing work for people with big dreams and ADHD is my focus for this year.  I feel like a fairy, doing this pioneering work. I turn up, know exactly what to do next, and chaos yields to beauty. It's such a victory over my past.

My Outline Plan for 2024

March 2024 For three Sundays in a row, I'm holding Zen your Space design webinars. They are hands-on and 'Giftivist'.

Early April 2024

Spain, Morocco. I'd love to co-host a creative people's dinner party while I'm there: please introduce me to any wonderful connector people you know. Late April - Late May 2024

Melbourne, then Kamakura -  Living with my Permaculture Sister Remi, doing hands-on home harmonizing consults, and workshops at The General Store

June 2024 Creative Retreat: reality-testing a book manuscript in a paradise setting, with cool people, and filming a trailer 'How to Create a Sacred Space, Anywhere in Your Home'

Late September 2024 Co-host of 3 day Deep Healing Retreat, Hepburn Springs

October 2024

Mullumbimby Japanese Arts & Culture Festival

February 2025 Co-hosting Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farming Workshops with visiting practitioner KUTLUHAN ÖZDEMIR. Potential sites include Bega, Hepburn, Gippsland and Mullumbimby,

March 2025 Manifesting Fantasy I am entrusted with a big, old, beautiful house in a great location. I re-start my Zen Permaculture Fairyland community and get a cat. This is my dream. I'm available for a handful of month-long declutter and home harmonize projects. These are for people who are ready to go 'all the way'. Mainly Melbourne, Sydney, Byron Bay and Kamakura.  I'm open to invitations to co-host creative dinner parties, and model for creative pro photographers, in the last days of my youthful bloom.

My Reading Life

These 3 books are top of my mind, lighting up my path ahead:

No Bad Parts by Richard Schwartz

The Body Keeps the Score, Bessel van der Kolk

Scattered: How Attention Deficit Disorder Originates and What You Can Do About It, Garbor Mate I treat myself to a couple of library books a week. 'Kafka on the Shore' is this week's escape from reality.

My Music Life

I want to escape Spotify, but not yet. I need to make the most of it first, as music is one of the poorest areas of my life right now.

Like life, if you refuse everything but the things you love, that's what you'll be given.

So I'm cleaning up my favourites lists, and strategizing for a way to unsubscribe and be cyber-independent by 2026. I'd like to focus do this with friends, at a weekend getaway. Send your ideas.

My Photo Life Protocol

I click 'favourite' to mark the best photos of each month, and delete the rest as I go. On the last day of the month, I get a reminder to upload those favourites to Google Photos, where AI finds anything I want, like magic. In preparation for the Zombie apocalypse, my most important photos are in a Hard Drive in iPhoto, in miraculously well-organized folders. I can find any image I want with my own brain! I quietly set this up during my 'Year of the Butler' in 2020. It's another victory over my disorganized past. When I asked myself how many thousands I'd pay to get lost photos back, I realized the work was a bargain. Word of the Year 2024


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