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Workplace Reset

Every workplace has traps and obstacles we labour under so constantly, we no longer see. So much wasted time, inevitable mistakes and culture clashes are built in to how things are done. The Lean approach designs around these traps, for both real profit and real stability to happen.

The problem-solving principles I use come from decades of immersion in two seemingly different frameworks of productivity. One is ecological systems, innovative farms and ecovillages. The other is ‘Japanese economic miracle’ workplaces, where the culture of Lean was born. In line with “Fix the system, not the worker” (Taiichi Ono, The Toyota Way), my approach respects the nature of every creature and object, flaws and all, setting them up to succeed. I get workers and management alike to start seeing themselves as designers, and all potential conflict and loss as a design problem. Blaming, excuses and powerlessness start phasing out, and getting into constructive action becomes the newest office sport, as workers start noticing the skills and abilities that only they have, that everyone else needs.

Email me a photo of your workplace, and a current sticky problem. I’ll give you an outline on where I think you could start.

I provide four-hour and two-day workshops and troubleshooting consultations.

Contact to find out more.

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