Courtyard Makeover

Cecilia has been traveling around the world for decades, hunting down the most beautiful, useful home-made gardens and their makers, and joining in their work. With her 20 years-career as a professional Permaculture Designer, she sets you on the path to making a ‘generative’ garden.

You are guided to uncover resources that were all around you all along, waiting to be deployed. The garden we design looks after you continuously generating value by itself, and becomes a favourite place to spend time where things and people get connected, enthused and brought together by the vision we drew up.

Let’s work together to make your garden be a textbook of how innovation happens, innovation that is worth it. The garden will be a physical reminder and daily proof: with the resources you have, you can make the world you want to live in.



What You Will Get


The consultation is designed to enable you to get all things you need to start your project.

That includes an inspiration sketch of your dream garden, a diary full of actions to take over the next weeks and months, and a brainstormed list of the resources required, and where you will get them from. Cecilia will make sure you have all the technical and practical support you need, in the basics of home she gets you designing motivation, action, and human connection into the garden. It’s not the elements you put there that make a garden cherished, it’s the lively interaction between the elements.

Start to shape the garden of your dreams. Feel free to email Cecilia a before photo of your garden, and get her ideas on where you might start.