What I'm Doing Now



I've moved to Rosanna, where the neighbours and I have taken down the fences and are creating Retrosuburbia Paradise. The theme is Zen Permaculture fairyland. I've got a Totoro Bus stop verge garden in mind, and I'm wondering when the pandemic will let me have Japanese housemates again



Last year I created declutter webinars for certain areas of each house. I used them as a way to start curating and sharing with the world my portfolio of past work, and a way for me to get all my stories organized. Everybody won. The 'before' and 'after' collection of photos is immensely satisfying. I want the same this year, but more and better.  If people appear and help me, they could be strung together into a book. If you can help me, please do. It won't happen if it's just me. 


Personal Growth

I've found a way to give up reading articles on the internet. I screenshot the title. Then instead of reading to get a delusionary benefit, I put in the creative thinking to get an actual benefit in real life, and go and act on it. Or I don't read it. This trick works, most days.  I borrow library books to read when the days work is done. I'm going to blog on what I've loved about each book, to extend the value they bring.