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Permaculture, Starting At The Kitchen Sink:

Declutter, Reset, Enjoy


Create a clear, user-friendly home and life, especially for lateral thinkers and creatives, with better things to do than tidy up. In our hour together online, we will attempt to make miracles happen, with a hands on declutter and reset. We’ll be using classic Permaculture design principles, and some traditional Japanese design principles that you can later repurpose, to wherever there are obstacles between you and your dream of a better world. 


So why start at the sink?

Our kitchens are landscapes, little microcosms that represent what’s going on in other areas of our life and relationships. Changes here can be implemented right away, with the skills and resources you already have. Every day your clear new kitchen will remind you, this is how you change the world. 


What you will learn?

Reduce Useless diversity, Increase Useful Diversity. That’s the key to making systems that look after us, whether it’s a food forest, a company, or your own kitchen.

Make ‘families’ of objects. Once you make these categories, you can make a happy home for each object to belong to, with its friends.  This helps you see what you really need and what you don’t, and takes the decision-making out of tidying up.

Recogize ‘Mu’ or ‘creative void’, the Japanese Fifth Element, the element of creation. Re-framing how you see emptiness will make letting go of clutter easy. This ‘sacred space’ protects against re-cluttering, and takes away the obstacles that discourage you from getting into action in the kitchen. Or in life. 


And more. Cecilia will share real-life makeover stories and images from decades of travels, while answering your questions, and setting you up with do-able list of actions to take. 

Who this is for: 

– People who want to re-design their food life, and start living the dream, cooking and eating with friends and supporters. 

– Designers and managers, who want to see Permaculture in a whole new (non-gardening) way.

– People whose work involves making a better world, a world that does not yet exist.

– People who want better relationships at home, by taking away reasons for conflict and unfairness.  

– People with better things to do than tidying up.

This online workshop is free, Sunday afternoons, and is part of a series. The presentation includes a guided tour of my inner-Sydney kitchen, and time for Q&A.


I look forward to ‘seeing’ you there. 

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