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Zen Your Space:  Create a Loveable, Effortless Home

Workshop Series at Shizuka Ryokan, Traditional Japanese Guesthouse, Daylesford


Fall in love with a uniquely Japanese, nature-based approach to decluttering your home and life.  Join Cecilia Macaulay for this culture-changing workshop series, where you learn to  'Reduce useless diversity, increase useful diversity’, and so much more.  Be immersed in Shizuka’s world of tatami, garden courtyards and dainty cuisine. Build natural moments of micro-meditation into your day and life. Then bring that culture back to your own home, for transformations you can see the very next day. 


Single event: $180

Discount for multiple events

We have one 'Pay-it-forward' spot in each workshop. Email Cecilia to nominate someone special, and why you want them to have this chance.

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This training is perfect for big-picture thinkers, the overworked or overwhelmed, and people who love them. If you have a mess you want to beautify, you like a 'lived in' feel, and you're more inspired by nature than by rules, you will fit right in.

How will the day go?

Tour the Japanese architecture, and listen to its secrets. Then experience Cecilia's stories and eye-opening methods in her slideshow.  We will sit together for a traditional Japanese meal. Expect tea and treats as we go. There will be hands-on design activities, making wishes for your spaces, and practicing ways to embody that Zen nature.  You will connect with good people, and work together from photos of your own spaces.

Choose Your Favourite, or choose all Five:

Sunday June 5  

Winter. Restful and Looked-after. Completed

Zen Permaculture, Starting at the Kitchen Sink

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Learn patterns from nature for setting up productive areas inside your home and life, and expand from there.  The things you should do become the things you want to do, and this changes everything.  


Its a playful, regenerative day where you will use your body, and re-wire your thinking. End overwhelm by using:

-  '5 Zones'

-  'Make Families'

-  'Always be Knolling'  

and more.

Whats Knolling?? Stay tuned.

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Sunday 4th September 
Spring: Rebirth, Beautify, don't 'tidy'

Become a Harmonizer : The Universe In your Fridge: 

By re-arranging the culture of how you store your food, your body, mood, and micro biome transform. Japanese-inspired design, fridge-inspired you!

Imagine opening your fridge or pantry and saying 'wow' every day. Colorful fresh food sings 'Eat me! Eat me! This is a foundation.  Commercial packaging can then be phased out of your life, with pleasing new habits. No sacrifice, no bother. 

The true goal is not the fridge itself. It's learning patterns such as : 

- 'Stacking' 

- 'Continual incremental improvement' (kaizen)

But most of all, its about making eating in easier than eating out. Its about turning the part of the day that might be resisted into a pleasant time, of connection and affection. For the remaining days of your life!

These value-creating patterns are from both Japanese manufacturing and Permaculture. Expect to be surprised, inspired The practical things we learn together will become a light, positive part of who you are, banish hesitancy, and spread to other areas of your life.


Get your food life right, and so many other areas of life go right, by themselves.  


Sunday 11th December
Summer: Being Rewarded, Coming Together

Less Stuff, More Merry:

Re-imagine, Re-design, and 'Zen' your Christmas

How to keep the thrills of Christmas, avoid the pitfalls, and evolve new traditions you really love.  

Space: Do-able ways to Declutter and Reset your gathering space to be inspiring. Remove subliminal sources of stress, beautify without buying a thing. 

Gifts: How to gracefully request and give desireable gifts, creating value, not clutter.

Work: Embrace the Japanese traditions of O-soji, or 'Big Clean' and Osechi cuisine: feasting without a big clean-up afterwards.

Communicating: Creative ways to have juicy exchanges, especially with relatives we find challenging.


You can carry these design fundamentals with you, all the New Year.

christmas continues 007.jpg

Sunday 22nd January

Late Summer: Easy Abundance

Enchanting work at Home

Vitalize the spaces in your home, to find focus and flow in work, and flourishing fulfillment spreading out to other parts of life.

Bring in a photo of your desk and drawers, bring in one folder of your documents to practice on, and prepare for transformation. 

How to Reduce Useless diversity, Increase Useful Diversity.
That’s the key to making systems that look after us, whether it’s a food forest, a company, or your own kitchen.

How to Make ‘families’ of objects.
Once you make these categories, you can make a happy home for each object to belong to, with its friends. This helps you see what you really need and what you don’t, It takes the decision-making out of tidying up.

How to Recognise 空‘Ku’ or ‘creative void’, the Japanese Fifth Element, the element of creation.
Re-framing how you see emptiness will make letting go of clutter easy. This ‘sacred space’ protects against re-cluttering, and takes away the obstacles that discourage you from getting into action in the kitchen. Or in life.


Sunday in March 2023:

Autumn Strong and Rewarded

Create a Sacred Space, Anywhere In Your Home

Declutter, enchant, and transform the humble spots in your home into shrines of beauty & love: yoga nook, bookshelf, even kitchen sink. 

- Discover your natural beauty-creation style, and expand from there


- Learn '5s' the practical method the Japanese use to create ease and flow, and use it every day. 

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