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Communication Workshops

Become skilled at making difficult conversations light, and making direct communication increase, rather than decrease, the feeling of connectedness. Find new ways and words to cause the people around you to make great choices. Together we will explore a whole realm of unthought-of ways you can communicate wordlessly, and influence your friends and supporters. Give up using words of praise, of blame, of punishment to control others. They cost you to say, cost your friends to hear, and are the equivalent of pushing water uphill - they get you worse than nowhere.

  • Minimum words, maximum communication

  • Master the art of making dreaded conversations light

  • Adopt a mindset of force-free yet powerful communication

  • Create an ecosystem of mates and supporters around your projects

  • And more

Feel free to send me an email with a current communication problem you have.

Together we can work out a creative way forward.

Communication Trainer Cecilia Macaulay
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