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Home Reset

Get the basic things right and everything around will go right by itself.

(Bill Mollison)

If you find yourself stuck with an overwhelming list of things to do, objects to manage, and no time to do them, I can get you started with a way forward.  that goes with, not against your character.


Get more of the simple elegance found in Japanese culture, Aikido, Apple design and free up your attention to go live your purpose. Create a clear, user-friendly home and life, with a nature-based approach especially suited to lateral thinkers and creatives, with better things to do than tidy up.

In one big day together we can do hands-on rearranging and start making this dream your daily reality.


To get a preview of the process, join in one of Cecilia's webinars, get started with a Skype session, or book Cecilia for a half-day program.

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