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About Cecilia

Cecilia designs ecosystems. She does on-site Lean consulting and runs life-design workshops. With foundations in Permaculture and Japanese design principles, she has devoted decades acquiring and teaching her unconventional life-design skills in Australia and Japan, and seen how they transformed lives. By identifying the traps we waste our energy on, and then designing around them, she creates positive surroundings that get upward-spirals in motion. She works out what creature, idea, or object is missing, and puts it in. Her approach involves making the most of each person’s nature and talents, and creating a culture of direct yet graceful communication.

Her past projects include the design of a self-maintaining garden for Sir Richard Branson’s Caribbean island and consulting for the iconic Taronga Zoo’s 10 year plan. Cecilia is the co-author of LoCoS Visual Language for Global Communication together with the legendary user interface designer Aaron Marcus. She spoke at high-profile events such as Vivid Ideas Sydney (Design To Make Good Things Happen), Mind And Its Potential, and Happiness And Its Causes. Workshops she’s created range from corporate communication workshops in Copenhagen to sustainability workshops for local governments in Australia and overseas. Past participants of her home makeover programs said they are “life-changing” and “eye-opening”.

Get Cecilia on your side to create an environment that provides motivation, direction and the freedom to make meaningful progress. You already have everything you need, just a hands reach away. Contact her now to find out what constructive changes she can bring to your life.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions are embarrassingly simple”

Bill Mollison,

Permaculture Designers Manual

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