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About Cecilia

Cecilia creates Paradise.

Here, in daily life, with you.

She is a pioneering Permaculture designer who uses her Zen skills to re-arrange inside our homes and our relationships. She acquired her down-to-earth skills by creating actual ecosystems, starting with gardens of plants and animals, and soon moving on to households: beautiful and self-maintaining. 

These days, her focus is on dwellings, and how to dwell well. She consults, declutters, and sets up co-houses for people who are living out their dreams.


She guides us to set up new boundaries and let go of old burdens: stuff in our homes, and compulsions in our communication.


In the beginning, your Paradise might only happen in moments, in small nooks, in one-off exchanges. But you know is possible, and that changes everything.

“Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex, the solutions are embarrassingly simple”

Bill Mollison,

Permaculture Designers Manual

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