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"Cecilia's consultation was amazing, I loved all of it.

It brings permaculture principles into the heart of the home.

Great practical design ideas, that have simplicity, functionality, great aesthetics, decluttering, and more. Cecilia shows us how to organise our spaces better and to help simplify our lives, become more successful, and free up our energy for other things, and she teaches this in a fun and easy to understand way."

Anita Gadenne

"I'm so excited. After years of not knowing how to organise my things and my home, I suddenly have a set of principles, concepts and ideas about how to do it and as I start implementing things one by one e.g. decanting packets of nuts, seeds and beans into nice clean glass jars where I can see them and with no distracting labels, I'm experiencing a sense of lightness and ease that I've tried unsuccessfully to attain using "spiritual" methods. Conclusion? That bringing permaculture principles into my home using Cecilia's Japanese fusion systems brings clarity, vitality, awareness and enlightenment!


Thank you. I look forward to more consultations. This mere 1/2 hour has been so valuable."


Monica Winston

"Cecilia reinvigorated and expanded upon my appreciation for the care our living spaces give to us if we consecrate and care for them. Not since discovering the architectural masterpiece of "A Pattern Language" have I felt so inspired and encouraged to improve and cultivate my space external with such sweet internal results.

As a trainer of consciousness tools and practices to free attention and deliberately direct it toward creating what one prefers, I feel immediately the power of the wise advice and direction Cecilia offers to unhook our attention from snags in our environment, and the ease it enables.  I'm really enjoying it."


Paul Redman

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