Zen your Space Workshop Series
At Shizuka Ryokan, Hepburn Springs

Fall in love with a uniquely Japanese, nature-based approach to decluttering your home and life.   Be immersed in Shizuka’s world of tatami, garden courtyards and dainty cuisine. Build natural moments of micro-meditation into your day and life. Then bring that culture back to your own home, for transformations you can see the very next day. 

Cost: Single Event $180
Sunday September 4th
Playful Pantry, Fabulous Fridge


What People Say:

"You won't usually find me at a decluttering workshop, but something compelled me to book in and see what this Zen Permaculture business is all about.


I'm so glad I did, because Cecilia's teachings go far beyond the kitchen sink. They're about freedom, clarity and personal integrity. They're about designing a beautiful life and living it with intention. And at heart, they're a powerful form of activism. Because when we learn to live with 'enough', we consume less and care more about our home planet.


One of the most rewarding workshops of all time -- not to mention the delicious food and company. Thank you Cecilia"

Catie Payne,

Copywriter and Wanna-be farmer

Sunday December 11th 
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Sunday January 22nd, 2023
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Sunday in March, 2023
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