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Zen Your Space Webinar Series November 2024
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Sunday 3rd November
Sacred Space Design: Turn any Corner of your Home into a Place for Grace

Declutter and enchant whatever spot you've got. Make a physical space for your self-care practice, and let that Upward Spiral do its thing.  An interactive, hands-on, online event. 

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Sunday, 17th November
Zen Permaculture, Starting From the Kitchen Sink: Declutter, Reset, Connect

A hands-on webinar for both chaos-creators and neat freaks. There are many obstacles to love, the sink doesn't have to be one of them

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Declutter Your Body, Create a Garden of Food in Your Fridge

By re-arranging the culture of your fridge, your body, mood and microbiome transform. Japanese-inspired design, fridge-inspired you!

What do Participants Say?

"You won't usually find me at a decluttering workshop, but something compelled me to book in and see what this Zen Permaculture business is all about.


I'm so glad I did, because Cecilia's teachings go far beyond the kitchen sink. They're about freedom, clarity and personal integrity. They're about designing a beautiful life and living it with intention. 


One of the most rewarding workshops of all time. Thank you Cecilia"

Catie Payne, 

Copywriter and have-a-go farmer

Visual Testimonial byZahra Zainal

Talented Melbourne artist Zarah Zainal created this diagram after a leisurely one-on-one home consult. 

Working with Cecilia is a door to another world. 


Zahra Zainal Graphic Recording.jpg



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