The Pretty Basket Trap

There's a pest trap called the Cockroach Hotel. The slogan was pretty cute: ‘They check in, but they sure don’t check out. ‘

I've noticed many creative, wholesome-living people have this attraction to baskets. They echo past cultures their lives in harmony with nature, all for a few dollars. One minute you have a tangle of confusion, but pop everything in a pretty basket, and ‘problem solved’.

Except that it isn’t.

Homes get filled with these mini-homes of pesky objects that the owners don’t want to use, and don’t know how to shoo out of their house. The baskets soon dominate, with no shelf-space to do your own creative works.

Basket alternatives

Clear or translucent containers

Tuppaware, Muji. Then you know whats in then and remember to use it.

No containers

ined up as a family of objects, in an object-scape in your cupboard. Baskets hide the fact these objects aren't related, and never wanted to be together. They are a kind of forced marriage. If things must be kept together for carrying, a tray can be useful. The roundness of baskets leads to jumble and hiding.

No objects

Would throwing away these contents reduce your quality of life? If you will be okay, then they shouldn't live with you, take up your creative space.

Before and After Remi's Under-sink Recycling and rubbish and cleaning goods area.

All containers, bags, forced togetherness is minimised.

All round containers are banished, as they don't hold square or flat things efficiently.

Colors are restricted and chosen.

Elegant means 'Elected', and thats what we did.


Liberate your baskets from useless storage, and turn them into christmas hampers of goodies for your friends.


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