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How to make Clean worthwhile.

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

'Why bother cleaning when things will just get dirty again?'

'If I keep things clean, and the people I live with don't care, it will ruin our relationship'

'Clean is for plodders. I'm creative'

These objections are all valid. When that will get you spending time in a sparkling environment, and not waste you energy on futile cleaing.

Lunchtime at Jiyugaku-en: playing in the mud

When I saw these Japanese children playing in the mud I was so impressed and inspired , I nearly cried. Can you see what it was about them that got me?

They found a way to avoid the collatteral damage of playing in mud. They got all the upside, and none of their downside.

Look where the dirt is: on hands and solves of shoes. Thats it. No washing to waste mum's time, no crunchy distractions for afternoon classes.

The thing with these children isn't that they are clean. Thats a result. The inspirational thing is, they are mindful. They are aware of the impact of their actions, the nature of mud, and they trust their friends. They know the velocity at which mud splashes, and they use the the exact right amount of speed or energy to plunge in. How beautiful would my life be if I navigated it this way?

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