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Rescue something precious

The soundrack for this film is Chage and Asuka's 'On your Mark'. Its only six minutes long, but its long enough to remind us that there are precious things that can be saved. By us. Miazaki Hayao created it as a distraction from writer's block during the making of Princess Mononoke.

Now its 2019. The disaster in Fukushima has happened. The underground city may or may not need to happen, depending on how we play our cards, how obediant we are, how easy to heard, or trick or pacify.

'Atomic power', the energy of a bright future'. Photo Podniesiński

This photo was taken inside the contamnated exclusion zone at Fukushima. 'Atomic Power, the energy of a bright future' says the sign. I wonder if the person who's job it was to write this sign is alive, and thinking about it every day. 'I was just doing my job' he is probably saying.

AIt takes years of preparation to make a quick decsion to save something beautiful. Years of building strength and skill and resourcefulness, plus the discernment needed so you don't thow away your precious life on 'the machine' thats after your energies, the cult, the company, the cause. So many of my friends are the Chage and Asuka characters in the video. Me, so far I just make them cups of tea.

Fukushima exclusion Zone. Photo by Podniesiński

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