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Its always better to be the leader.

My Vivid ideas event with Jess Scully, creator and leader of Vivid Ideas Sydney

If you want to have the most intesting people in Sydney turn up in your lounge room, today is your lucky day: the Tim Ferriss Creative Life Design Meetup is yours for the taking. I'm retiring. When I arrived in Sydney in 2011, I had no friends, no home, and was making a life from scratch, as I sometimes like to do. Whats the best way to make high-quality friends? I asked myself, and remembered what Seth Godin says 'Its always better to be the leader'.

So I started a Meetup group. You can too, you know, an probably should. To get pro-active, resourceful people, I named it after Tim Ferriss, author of the '4 Hour Work Week'. I listed all the quirky, self-inspiring things I wanted to happen in my time in Sydney. You can see them here. Without being fodder for other people's events, I just thought up nice things to do. The plaform did the hard work, and soon I had the coolest, loveliest poeple in Sydney home-delivered. A Dojo owner, an organic co-op initiator, and a tango teacher, people with lovely dreams. There they were, cooking dinner with me, creating each others lives.

Its now 8 years later. To my amazement, most of the things I listed actually happened, naturally and without force.

I've only got one day to choose someone 'suitable'. After that, whoever wants it, gets it, and I get to see evolve into something unprecedented. Maybe, though, it will just fade away, a lovely dream. A microcosm of how all our lives go, in Meetup form.

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