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Invest in People

Create good households, and you get all these relatives, freely-chosen, who know you in all your moods and moments, yet don’t disappear. I met Bodhi met seven years ago, after my Permaculture design presentation at The Hub co-working space in Sydney. The connection continued thanks to the dreamy people who gathered in my inner-city Annandale household, where we all made soil, made dinner parties, and made up better theories together on how things in this mystifying world actually work.

Its now the one-year anniversary of that beloved house getting packed up, and my landlord taking it back, yet the relationships aren't quite gone. This weekend I found myself in Melbourne. Bodhi lives here too now. He turned up and helped me with writing and logic, with acro-yoga in the park for break time. We can all fly! There was remarkable vegan food, then his share house for an afternoon of hrmonize, declutter and reset, as a thank-you. Gift economy works, and even endures when it orbits a household community. We don’t need to do everything by ourselves in this life.


There are many ways to have a happy home life of affinity and fondness. These days my Permaculture focuses on creating convivial households, so if you know a home that wants less overvalued stuff, and more highly-valued poeple, I can help. Contact me and tell me what part of your home life isn't working, and I'll tell you what might help. Solving the problem beneath the problem is the best way.

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