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Future Generation of Yourself

One profound sentence can cause your life trajectory to effortlessly change tracks. Younger me put astonishing freely-given effort into teaching Permaculture gardening. The me of recent years puts that astonishing effort into Permaculture for inside your house. Here is the sentence that can be credited with the transition:

'How can I leave this planet in good order for future generations, when I can't even leave my kitchen in good order for the me of tomorrow morning'? Nice question, right? I made it up myself.

I'd ask myself that question, then get up of the couch and go wash the dishes, pick up the dropped clothes. My spirit would grow stronger. I'd design ways to fail less, create more.

The future generation of me, tomorrow's me, is something I actually get to enjoy or suffer through, and today's version of me can have almost 100% influence over that. Future generations of the planet...I'm not going to even like a heap of them. And I get 1/5 billionth of a bit of influence over what happens.

Tomorrow's You has her own day to attend to, her own business and dreams. Don't make her deal with your left over mess.

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