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Chefs are Artists too

John Lennon met the artist Yoko Ono when he picked up an apple, bit it, and got scolded for eating her art.

I wonder how chefs can keep motivated, when the work they put so much care into gets guzzled. ? There is a fine dining restaurant called nels in Sydney. The menu's are so playfully creative, I have a feeling the chef Nelly just loves thinking them up. The diners are just a way to pay for him to come up with a new series every 8 weeks. These days the theme is Australia. We got to be surprised by seeing fine dining versions of cringe-food fairybread, laminations, a bunnings hotdog, and more. Seeing the familar in a new light is always a source of delight.

Farmers can be artists too. When they do a good job, the masterpiece is the happy life they bring the cow, the apple tree, the chicken.

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