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How an Orange Tree Can Make Your Day Just Lovely

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Gardenfarm Orange Tree. Photo by Intern Nancy Franke

It was a few weeks ago that Nancy, one of Gardenfarm's early interns, wrote this entry in her daily diary. I found it charming, so I'm sharing it here:

"Today I picked the oranges. I was wondering why Bob had just one job for me. But as I saw the orange tree I knew why. He was full of delicious oranges. I loved this job. Actually I’m a bit scared of heights but when I feel secured I am not. The tree makes me feel safe. Sometimes it was quite difficult to pick them from the top of the tree but this was the nicest thing at this job. It was like a game. Something like Tetris - how can I reach this orange? How can I place the ladder in the tree to reach this orange? and I was satisfied and happy as I finished this job and no more oranges were on this tree. This is how a orange tree can make your day just lovely."

Farm life album by Nancy Franke

Nancy shared these photos of her days, where she helped the farm gather produce, replant veggie beds, throw lots of sticks to Digger the dog, and be his audience as he chased sheep, for the joy of it. She turned the oranges she gathered into almond cakes and a freezer full of orange juice. It was neatly stacked in ziploc bags, with Nancy's accountant accuracy.

While she was with us, she practiced her English by writing a diary of her time here, did yoga, and ate brillant food. Grown right here.

If you know of anyone who wants practice in making their dreamworld come true, send them on to join the team at Gardenfarm for a 2 week internship, June and November 2019

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