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Futuristic uses for Fuzzy Felt

My six little brothers and sisters and I spend many rainy 1970's afternoons playing with Fuzzy felt. It a fuzzy black board, like an iPad, but low tech. I comes in themed boxes, with felt shapes. I loved ballet, farms, and this one, Fantasy. The shapes were limited, but children are miraculous, and come up with so much. Thats the recipie for creativity. Get familar with basic units. Play with them, re-purpose, re-envision another life a simple object might have, and watch your world expand.

I wonder what uses I could still have for Fuzzy felt?

Kitchen declutter and Re-set Fuzzy Felt

Zones, Kitchen sink as Shrine of beauty and love, Towers of power tuppaware fridge, Goldfish

Permaculture Garden design Fuzzy Felt

Swales, keyhole gardens, chickens, water-catching, Passionfruit vines

Japanese Cosplay Fuzzy Felt

Lolita, Godzilla, with corsets and cogs for Steampunk.

I can just see myself wasting a month of my life actually making one of these.


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