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Enchanting work from Home 
Declutter and Reset for a Space that Energizes You

Sunday March 2023, Hepburn Springs 

Vitalize the spaces in your home, to find focus and flow in work, and flourishing fulfilment spreading out to other parts of life.

Bring in a photo of your desk and drawers, bring in one folder of your documents to practice on, and prepare for transformation. 

Reduce Useless diversity, Increase Useful Diversity

That’s the key to making systems that look after us, whether it’s a food forest, a company, or your own kitchen.

Make ‘families’ of objects
Once you make these categories, you can make a happy home for each object to belong to, with its friends. This helps you see what you really need and what you don’t, It takes the decision-making out of tidying up.

Protect 空‘Ku’, ‘creative void’
Re-framing how you see emptiness will make letting go of clutter easy. This ‘sacred space’ protects against re-cluttering, and takes away the obstacles that discourage you from getting into action in the kitchen. Or in life.

Fantasy desk.webp
French art nouveau dresser with mirror tryptic.jpg
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