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How to Cross a Threshold.

Something wonderful about my youngest brother is his Entrance Hello. He has been doing it for years. Its not just 'Hi, Im here'. Its not even 'Hello!' He takes a deep breath and as he crosses the threshold, out it comes with a flamboyant flourish... HALLLLLO !!!!

The enthusiasm is turned up to 100, as if he has been looking forward to this moment all year. It's contagious, and it sets the tone for high-quality conversation.

You can't go for a session of gossip and whinging after an opening like that.

Part of his strategy for keeping the excitement is to always turns up without warning. Fantastic. I'm not obliged to prepare anything, or turn down other events to keep promises, so his visits are all benefit, no cost. Ive set up so I can usually assemble and serve something delicious, impromptu. Such high-value, unannounced visits should always be encouraged.

He always takes his leave before we want him to, on to his next exciting thing.

Some of my friends have seen it, and copy it. Is so funny, the smile just stays.

Have a go at it this Christmas, and tell me what happens.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Back story: This picture is of Christmas at the front door of my former Melbourne share house. The paintwork by my wonderful WWOOF volunteer Marian.

Here is what it looked like before.

We walked though that drabness, with lots of excuses. 'Im just renting'. 'Its good enough'. But one day, I don't know why, I decided 'This is my one and only life, and I want to spend it with a lovely front door'.

I'm so glad I invested in good memories of making people's entrances a fairytale experience.

This upcoming year, I'm doing 20 declutter and reset makeovers, hands on, for creative mates. If you would like your house to be one of them, and live in Melbourne or Sydney, contact me. Enchanting is always better than the alternative.

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