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52 old-fashioned ways to build wellness, and the scholarly evidence behind them

Updated: Jul 17, 2021

When I'm feeling frightened by life, you can calm me down with this poem. More accurately, I'm calmed by standing up and doing one of the actions it reminds me to do.

'The Whirl of Wellness' is science, hidden in a cute, greeting-card style poem. Its author is the Professor of Wellness, Dr. Marc. If you are sceptical of these lightweight-looking claims, click on the links to see the scholarly articles, and discover the evidence behind why having this much fun is good for you. As Permaculture teaches us, the skills of skepticism are very much worth practicing, for an interdependent, self-directed life.

The Whirl of Wellness

or How to go from 'Wired and Tired' to 'Chilled and Fulfilled'

About the Author: Dr. Marc went a bit overboard, when it comes to being qualified in wellness. He is a practicing GP with PhD's in Chinese medicine and Systems engineering. He is a Professor with over 100 original peer reviewed papers, and he created the Master of Wellness program at RMIT in Melbourne. He lives in a Permaculture edible garden, created by his mates though an endless series of parties. Dr. Marc walks his talk.

All that education, and the conclusion is that the things that make us strong are the things our hearts desired all along.

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