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When going against ourselves works out

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

How do cats flip themselves around, against empty air, to lank on their feet? You can't spin withoutsomething to push against, right?

Today thanks to Google, I found out how the kitty-cats do it: They push against themselves. They get the back half going one way, front half the other, and use the ice skater's trick of pulling paws in to get the proper bit spinning at different rates. Then, like a well-equipped parachutist, touch down!

I put a lot of energy into taking opposition and friction out of people's homes and lives. Yet the cats just showed me, opposing yourself sometimes creates magic.

This month I'm part of Doc Mark's 'make life amazing' team. He's just retired from being RMIT's Professor of Alternative Medicine, and one of his many upcoming adventures includes sharing 'extreme bathing' with the world. I'll find out what this is next week, but I think ice baths and breathing techniques are involved. My contribution to 'make life amazing' is leading part of his multi-day pool-party/home declutter/sauna-construction weekend, on the outskirts of Melbourne.

Doing what we evolved with is what's best for us. We know this. Stick to whats natural. But we forget that for most of human history, it was natural to have hours in a week of being hungry, or of getting super-cold. Now medicine is (re-) discovering that fasting, and getting a blast of cold can have health and happiness benefits that are close to miraculous.

Most days I finish my hot shower with a cold one, and have done this for decades. It makes me happy. Well, eventually. It predictably erases any bad moods or brooding. I never want to do it though, I always have to go against my instinct for comfort. There is usually some squealing. Imagining swimming in beautiful Watson's Bay helps, so does just counting my breath. 'Peppermint tea, peppermint tea!' I tell myself. 'Is it peppery-hot or minty-cold...I forget!'. Going against yourself is usually wasteful and exhausting. But if you want to be a miracle, like the cat, sometimes going against yourself is exactly the right thing to do.


Bonus Extra's Peaceful and glorious Big Cat landing video

Small cat landing video. Not so peaceful. Even better.

Dr Marc and Extreme Fun Life.

If you know of any professional photographers or journalists who would like to join in and make a 'how-to' article on a Japanese-influnced declutter session, send them my way. I'll make sure they are warm and comfortable. Its at Wantirna, on the 19th-20th January. Share this blogpost, or just press 'Reply' and share your ideas.

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