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Useful Words to Overcome Call Center Conflict

When setting up a low-conflict life, a good place to start is with the unsung battlers who fix our daily problems from the other side of the world, the call center staff.

Our conversations with them do not always go well. Here are some positive, powerful sentences that rescued me from dismay and defeat, many a time. Practice them, so they are ready to deploy when needed.

The Escape Route Method

As soon as you realise the problem is their character, (they are enjoying a power trip, not listening) stop everything there.

No need to argue or get frustrated. Unless thats you hobby.

‘Oh, I’ve just realised how to solve the problem. Thanks so much for your help’. Then you hang up, call back, and get somebody better.

Switch Them On Method

You are telling them what you want them to do, they are telling you all the reasons why they can't.

As soon as you realise thats whats going on, switch on their creative thinking by asking

“What would you do if you were me?”

Keep asking that in all its variations, till you get there.

“This call has been helpful. Thank you”. Once you've decided to be someone who gets the best out of others, thats how you end every help centre call. The problem may not be solved yet, but you've eliminated one dead end. You are, in fact, closer to a solution.

Clean Up Method

The conversation has come to an end, and it wasn’t smooth. You may have been a bit ‘intense’ in order to get things done.

Be generous, and try this:

“I was a bit aggressive. It wasn’t your fault, its the system. You handled me well, and calmed me down.”

You don’t even need to say 'Sorry' or 'Thankyou'.

Just state the facts, that their communication was heroic, and you noticed. They have a lot more awful calls with angry people to get through before they can go home, and your words and will lighten things for them.


To celebrate my upcoming 50 years in this world, I've stared a daily blog. Its on how we can make hard things easier, and make the world we want to live in. Go us!

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