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Top three things to do with an orange

Orange and Clove candleholder Photo by Cecilia

I don't really eat oranges. They are too exciting, and too sugary.

In recent years, Ive been buying them for their skins.

Somebody gave me an orange zester for my birthday, and I've been crazy abot zesting things ever since. Orange zest goes in Pumpin soup. It enchants oatmeal, and makes salads orangey, wihtout being sugary.

The skin makes an unforgettable candle holder. Most people put it in the rubbish. Its the best part.

Japanese save all their orange skins, dry them out, then when they need uplifting, they throw the lot in the bath.

Wanting the bits of the oranges that your housemates don't want makes life so connected. Everyone feels 'bonus'!

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