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Things I'd like to offer and receive from the friendly neighbourhood share economy of Rosanna

Updated: May 7, 2021

'Does anyone have Brasso they aren't using'?

I was shy to put that request in the online community group. 'Why don't you just go buy it like everyone else' people might be thinking. Yet I suspected it was a way I could get to know my new neighbours, lighten somebody's clutter, and get my procrastinated polishing project done.

I got over my shyness, and look! I met a lovely Jenny who lives around the corner.

I raced out to the garden and got some eggs from charlie and the girls, got some tulsi cuttings, and did an improvised illustration on an old egg carton to say 'thank you'.

We don't have to buy everything from shops, even if we can.

I have lots of skills to share, and things I don't need that my neighbours just might. Even after the Brasso success, I feel a bit shy offering and asking for things, but I'll get over it. I'm a permaculture designer after all, thats what we do.

1. I might make friends.

2. Our recycling bins will be lighter

3. I could just buy these things, but so far, I haven't. These projects need the extra motivation that other people's interest brings.

Best of all, this list might inspire others to make and share a similar 'Wanted and offered' lists of their own. That makes all of us feel more needed, more cared for, and the world a better place.

Requests If you like sharing, and live walking distance to Rosanna Parklands,

Cecilia needs:

- A twist of mauve-colored wool to darn this lovely jumper

- Clear or white flexible pipe, to get my bathwater into the garden with my pretty japanese pump. This 2.5cm white one got lost.

- Access to a stretch sewing machine, so I can make my activewear clothes fit better

- Coffee grounds for my compost. The soil in this house has endless appetite for it, and I don't drink coffee

Grounds for soil-making at my former house, inner Sydney

- Convivial help on Monday evenings, picking up the bark for the green bin. I have huge gumtrees living in my front garden, they are so productive. We can look at the Sugar Gliders emerge for the evening, and have tea together afterwards.

There are about 99 other things I'd like to ask for or share. If you are a neighbour with things to give or share, send me a message, send me your wish list, and I'll make and send mine. Lets make a connection, and see where it goes. Things I've offered in the past to neighbours include home layed eggs, yoga classes, skillshare parties, and even a baby goat picnic.

I'm also a 'day WWOOF host' for people who want to be part of my project, creating Zen Permaculture Fairyland, in the house that was entrusted to me.


Here is an abbreviated list of useful gifts I'd like giving these days, to people down the road.

- Online declutter advice and webinars.

- Sewing on buttons and little sewing repairs

- Packing materials: I've got all these boxes and bubble wrap from my move

- Pick up some organic goodies for you when I go to the farmers market or bulk organic store

Things my neighbors offered me at my last inner-city share house included these wonderful things:

- coaching and tools to convert a van into a campervan,

- repairing my rickety ironing board

- lending a corkscrew for wine

- bamboo to create a japanese clothesline

Now I call Rosanna home. Local sharing is a micro-adventure, and we never know where it will lead us.

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