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The Fairy Tale method, for getting where you want to go.

You can proceed into darkness and make a1000 kilometre journey, just by lightning up the 10 meters or so in front of you, till you get there. I'm certain you have something lovely you want to create, and you can't see the path to get there. Me too, even now.

Maybe you once embarked on something with high hopes, it didn't work, and you went back to where you started, thinking 'no more disappointing dream-chasing for me'. Me too. But I get over it eventually.

In this video, you can see me creating a drawing that turned out quite lovely. At any moment, I could have made a bad decision and ruined it, as its done in old-school marker-pen and paper, no erasing possible. I didn't have a plan, just a 'fuzzy beacon' of the destination. But I did have a set of 'rules of thumb' that I follow.

for example:

-Always draw light on dark, dark on light.

-Have areas of serious straight lines and areas of thrilling curves. Let them come together sometimes. Sexy!

-and 100 or so others.

In life too, more useful that money, or learning facts, is investing in set of 'Rules of thumb' to get you though the next decision, and the one after that, till you get to where you want to to go. Even though you don't know the route (because it doesn't exist yet)

In every fairy tale, there is a hero who sets out to make his fortune. He doesn't know what he will meet, He does, however, have fantastic 'rules of thumb'

- Be helpful to poor old ladies you meet in forests (Surprise! they are magical, and helpful)

- People's tiny actions, not their big words, tell you who they really are.

- Pay attention. It will win you half a kingdom and a princess.

Learn your 'rules of thumb' from people who have gotten to where you want to go. Make sure their character is similar to yours, or the rules won't work.

Can you see there is one red beer bottle? Feel free to ponder what problem I had, and what 'rule of thumb' I was using to solve it. Puzzling over such things will add to your stash of durable 'rules of thumb', your ability to design a path through uncertainty.

Your very own half-kingdom and adorable companions await.


This video was shot in my Annandale Sydney Permaculture house, by my wonderful Dutch WWOOF volunteers. It ended up being a beautiful world of its own, where special people would congregate and help each other make their lovely dream.

I'll be sharing the 'how to 'stories, daily, over the next year. Feel free to subscribe to get useful stories in your inbox each day:

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