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I Just Sold My Neighbor's House

Cecilia creating a sales video at Dave's front garden. Photo by Yuki.

Neighbor Dave would come and visit, down in the dumps, because his dreamland home had been on the market nearly two years. 'I'll have a go at selling it!' I offered.

I had no idea how to do this.

But I knew how to make the smallest changes to the interiors for the most dramatic feeling of wecome and lightness. I knew how to use Facebook, and an iPhone, and tell stories of the place. I got him on 'ForSaleByOwner' platform. Anyone could do these things. But they didn't, and I did. There was nobody else around, you see.

Yesterday I got the news. It worked! Now he can save himself thosuands of dollars a month just in interest.

We are more powerful than we think.

What else could we do with an iphone and Facebook?

Lotsa Water. David is a cautious man. Thats why his tank holds a quarter of a million litres.

So many bedrooms, if you count napping spots

What have we here?...a mancave with a view.

Your friends will get dizzy

Living in the country is what life is about. Everyone should try once.

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