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Romancing the Cow

Husband watching over his pregnant wife Lakshmi, with son Zoro looking on. Photo by Cecilia Macaulay

"I had a cow that was so in love with her calf, she just licked him for a whole month' said Farmer Bob.

Its a wonderful feeling 'I love you so much I want to eat you!'

Now Lakshmi's baby has been born. He does play headbutting with his big strong dad, they enjoy each other.

Its a joy to witness love, even when it moves awkwardly and goes 'moo'. Its another kind of joy to know you've made a farm, or a home in which love can flourish.

Husbands and wives, make such a home. Then kiss more. People need to know we live in a world of love.


Gardenfarm has a 2-week intern program, where you can come, bliss out in paradise, while learning the skills of making a food-growing dream life actually happen.

Here is Gardenfarm Intern, Julie from France. She used to work with numbers. Now she works with apples, cows, me, and more.

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