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Plans can be Costly and No Fun.

Updated: Dec 26, 2018

'Start with a good plan' is something designers with no experience say when describing how to make a Permaculture Ecosystem garden. Planning is for profitable, high-cost, predictable gardens, that pave over nature when it gets in the way. The customer pays full price and buys whatever the market is offering this year. The same five plants, usually. The customer's money is used to bulldoze though the unforeseen obstacles that come up. Two days later, its all installed, like a sofa.

A Permaculture garden, being an ecosystem, not a static decoration. Its a garden that evolves, and we just 'coach' it along.

Here is the process for making it.


You get a vision of your ideal garden, and many many possible paths to achieve it.

- Ask 'What Magazine would you like to appear in?[ This helps define the tone of the garden, and its motivating

- Create a Pinterest page of good ideas, in the initial consultation session. Thats means it will actually continue.

- Get out your hard copy an online beloved images in one place. Then decide which elements are the ones you want in Your Garden

- Make a list of what you already have, that can be included

- Make a list of the things you want, that are missing. Put this list in your handbag, look at it often till they appear.

- Create a Pinterest page to inspire you. Share it with your friends.

- Take 'Before' photos. This will keep you motivated, as things change.

-Get someone to draw an inspiration image.

Gather Resources

-Write an add for Helpers in HelpEx or WWOOF. Even if you don't join, and get volunteer help, its useful for dining the kind of garden you hope for.

- Write a list of where you will find those treasures: Hardware store, Garage sales, ask friends for cuttings, Assemble resources

Throw garden-creating parties, and get your friends to help you. Send out the menu beforehand, and make sure the role of cook is delegated: don't scatter your attention. You are the conductor, not one of the musicians.

Get one part of the garden complete, preferably a part close to the house that you sit in and use often. Then move outwards.

Keep on going till you get there. It won't look like the inspiration image, but it will feel like it.

Throw a completion party, and thank all the mates who made it possible.

“In preparing for battle I have always found that plans are useless, but planning is indispensable"

- First said by a general in the American civil war (I cant find his name).

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