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New Year's Resolution Bonanza

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Cecilia at Tokyo Disneysea 2008

If you haven't got any New Years Resolutions yet, you are welcome to borrow one from my 'greatest hits' collection. Here are past resolutions that went really well, the ones that come to mind first.

Get handwriting that suits your character c. 1999

I learned Copperplate, and spent the first few week of the new year writing slowly, mindfully. My diary, my shopping lists, eveything looked like a certificate of merit, or historical document. And so everything is. After that, my natural handwriting changed forever. The capitals loopy and gorgeous, no matter how hasty or humble the note. Its like dancing.

Gain some kilos, nothing else c.2006

I decided there was nothing else I was obliged to do, but find a way to be less skinny. If I couldn't overcome this one small challenge, how could the world solve the big ones? Not work, not success, not husband-finding, nothing else had to be done. Focus can be magical. Gazing at the problem its complexity became apparent. As a solution, I did all these things differently: spent money differently, drank more water, joined a gym, breathed more, and took a 12 month holiday from saving the world. It worked. By New Years 2007, I was almost hefty. Success!

Wonderful consequences. c. 2011 I decide that the 'penalty' for indolence and procrastination was having to spend the rest of the day reading library books. This was a 'Brier Rabbit' kind of punishment, as there is nothing I would rather do. It reminded me that all my projects are freely chosen, and for my own benefit. I got lots done.

Complain to the person c. 2012

If I gossiped or complained, I had to tell the person too. This resolution alone will give you a black belt in communication. Its still hard, and still wonderful.

Don't let people ignore you C. 2013

When my emails don't get replies, I make up stories that I'm unwanted and unvalued. So I created a new habit of to sending follow up emails after 2 days of silence. Thats so soon, they won't have time to feel negligent, I won't have time to feel anything. This resolution also resulted in seperating questions into multiple emails. Then people could answer the easy questions right away, getting a flow started. Nicer for everyone.

Reality-tested resolutions are the best. Instead of making up new ones, ask people you like what their best ones have been, and recycle. Thats part of how they got so likeable, after all.


Feel free to press 'reply' to this post, if you have any ideas or stories for me. It will make my New Year even Happier.

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