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Don't Bother. Design.

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I was trying to hang out a basket load of sheets this morning, and struggling. The wind was pulling everything from me, and the glare or summery sun on white was dazzling me. I was trying to hurry though the task and just get out of there.

Then I realised, with sunglasses, this task could be heaven. Billowing sheets in the flower-scented warm air of Gardenfarm, all surrounded by fruit trees and roaming chickens. 'Am I allowed to spend five minutes fetching sunglasses to complete a 5 minute job?' I wondered to myself. In other words 'Can I be bothered?'

I decided that yes, I could be bothered, now and always. This would be a workflow design session. I would get the spare glovebox sunglasses, and turn them into the laundry sunnies, hanging them in an obvious spot above the washing machine. Sunnies and laundry will be a pair, from now on.

So there I was, with my sunnies, stretching up to the sheets and the sky, defeated mood gone.

Nothing is ever a bother. Its either not worth doing, or its an opportunity to set up a new structure, so difficulty isn't there next time.

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