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Monster in the cupboard.

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Decluttering leads to surprises. At Professor Marcs today we found thousands of dollars worth of fancy health and beauty products, all thrown under his never-decluttered bathrooms sink. As a consultant for the natural health industry, these presents just come his way, and accumulate.

How wonderful.

As we went deeper, our smile faded. The products at the bottom were sinking into the floor like quicksand. A leak from the famously-unreliable flexible metal pipes had make his unsee-able cupboard a swamp of soggy mouldering mess.

How terrible.

Professor Marc has many projects, and one of them is a Healthy Home Biology. This is ironic. This is Human.

Its also kind of funny.

People love their homes. No matter how disfunctional, they find ways to forgive, overlook, or just convice themselves they are fond of every weakness, and its not really a problem. Somtimes things change.

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