• Cecilia Macaulay

Marina's Garden Sneak Preview

A few months ago, there was just suburban wasteland at Marina's Gippsland back yard. Today I found an edible, self-caring wonderland, sprung up seemingly overnight.

Marina makes and sells a herb-infused Cider Tonic, which is in huge demand. She wanted to be free to put her magical ingredients in at their peak lusciousness, picked minutes before from a fantasy Permaculture garden .When she called me just before Christmas, this garden only existed in a hopeful corner of her heart.

The fantasy is now a small but certain reality, as she gazes out from the living room, and sees it all take shape.

This back corner with its keyhole beds, compost, shed and water tank was our first area of focus. The ginger greenhouse, the magnolia party deck, the Asian tank garden are all works in progress, to surprise ourselves with in another post.

The final results: a gorgeous, good-for-the-earth garden, and a good-for-your-gut tonic.

Go Marina!

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