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Low-Energy Suburbia, Samurai-Style

I couldn't believe my eyes. The houses were very similar to the suburban Australian home I grew up in, with a back garden, lemon tree, everything. Except there was no electricity, no running water, and when the householder went to work every monring, instead of a briefcase, he had a big sword for killing people.

Suburban Samurai back yard drain, Shimabara

There is much we can learn from your low-level samurai, about how to have a good life when oil runs out, which one day it will.

They had walkable streets, even though the gardens were just big enough to grow the household's fruit and vegetables. The house, plus the rice, set amounts of fabric, sword-cleaner etc were provided by their lord.

The house had its own water well, and drainage was beautiful as well as useful, full of pretty fish. What if you could eat them as well? Home delivered fish, better than Uber-eats.

The burlar alarm was simply loose rocks on top of their walls, that would clatter if an intruder tried to scale over. Nice passive, electricity-free design.

The original town was huge, houses like this, as far as they eye could see.

The toilet was outside, and contents were sold as a valuable resource, to tanneries and other industries.

Just remember, when fossil-fuel fertilzer runs out, as it will, and you are growing your own vegetables, youlll need to be handy with that sword, to make sure nobody tough and hungry takes what you grow off you.

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