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Rightening: The Humble Art of Lining Things Up

Apple does it, your annoying former housemate does it, and the entire nation of Japan does it. They line things up at right angles when they set them down, making a 'grid.'

Wikipedia calls it 'Knolling', after Ms Knoll, the furniture designer with the strict horizontals and verticals.

When I get new volutneers on a gardening project, thats one of the first things they get 'encultured' with: To 'Righten' everyting they put down. They are asked to make sure that when they put thins down, they put it at right angles to everything else that is striaight, so they feel friendly to each other, listened to, not disreguarded. In my worksites, kitchen included, things aren't to be droppped once youve lost interest, and left to lie as they fell. Rightneing is about investing in having the maintainance department of your life as smooth and functional as it can be. Items are placed down carefully, in the position most likely to be unobtrusive when you don't want it, and findable when you do.

I've revived the word 'Rightening' for this marvelous habit. 'Knolling' isn't very self-explanitory, and if you want a new idea to spread, at least to your other house members, its good to have words who's meaning you can at least guess.

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