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Dangers of Innovation: Ideas from Toyota

Innovation is worshiped these days. I hear the word in all the conferences, the mission statements. But be careful. According to Toyota, most slip-ups, faulty products or accidents happen when there is change.

A change in the brand of oil, and people drop the differently-shaped bottle.

A changeover in shifts, and people get distracted, and forget the last screw on the last product.

A change of level of floor, and people are paying attention to the floor, and fail to notice the forklift coming their way.

Hearing this was a revelation for me. I'm a natural innovator. Life-surfing is one of my hobbies, and I thrive on change. When catastrophe strikes - such as my landlord asking for his house back, I go into super-resourceful mode, and feel very much alive.

But looking back on all the breakages and losses in my life, its often around a time of change.

I've been dismissive of the conservative, change-resistant people. But now I realise they have their role in the ecological nice of our society, helping us avoid the losses associated with change.

So to all the fuddy-duddy people out there, I want to say I now understand why you are change-resistant. Sorry I made fun of you. I'll do the changing (but carefully), you do the resisting, and force us to make sure its really, really worth it.

Slower and steadier.

Onwards and upwards.


Thank-You to my Wonder-WWWOOF volunteer helper, Rhianna Stahl for creating this impromptu video with me, here at Gardenfarm.

What if I made more polished ones? At a place this beautiful, why not!

If you know of any videographers who want a lovely working-holiday in Permaculture Paradise, send them here to me, and lets get carefully innovative together.

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