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Cecilia's Now Page

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

A 'Now' page gives the big picture of whats going on in your life, and is incomparable in its usefulness. The Now Page movement is yet another valuable gift to the world by the epic Derick Sivers. Maybe you would find having your own Now page valuable too.

I tend to be reclusive, which means even people I care about might have no idea what I'm up to, if I don't make and share this page.

Cecilia Macaulay What I'm Doing Now

February 2019


I've packed up my Inner-Sydney home, and now live at Gardenfarm, an edible paradise in Gippsland, near Melbourne.

I've started a Social Permaculture Intern program here, and extreme farmhouse beautifying.

Home Transformation Work

I travel each month to Melbourne, sometimes Sydney to run home declutter and reset workshops, and do hands-on consulting and re-arranging. Collaborators document 'before' and 'after', and measure the impact of a clear house on mind and relationships. This year I'm focusing on dwellings of people who created their own 'Relm': women business owners, people who create schools, people who lead communities.

Sachiko and Cecilia victorious after a day of declutter


Home Enchantment Handbook and online course. Its a collaborative resource that inspires creative people to declutter and beautify, adding almost nothing. The best way to learn is to teach, so its aim is to equip design-minded people with the skills and grace to get their friends and neighbor's homes in good order, for a world that works.   The team includes photographers, writers and social change academics, following me around as I work. We need you too. Contact me.


I'll spend July and August living and consulting in Kamakura, Japan, as I did last year.


I'm collaborating with Shinka Managment, taking factory managers to Japan to see The Toyota Production Method (Lean) in action. My project is re-interpreting and re-purposeing its principles to make home life better.

Learning the Toyota Way, at Gifu Body Toyota.

Growing Good Gracefully

To celebrate my 50th birthday in June this year, I'll be collaborating with photographers to keep an eye on me as I do the good work I'm meant to be doing for the world. With nice costumes to go with it, just to keep it fun for me.

Books on my mind, to Recommend

Never Split the Difference: Negotiating as if your life depended on it, The Inner Game of Tennis, Miss Lily's Lovely Ladies, The Tattooist of Auschwitz, All the Light You Cannot See, Dark Emu, Nanberry: Black Brother White, Girt: The Unauthorized History of Australia, To Pixar and Beyond, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

Word of the Year

Opulent. This word has an image problem. It usually describes the luxurious use of the labors of others, to gloryfiy the powerful. Terrible. In fact, opulent comes from 'opus', meaning 'body of work' Most of the work I've done in my life, my 'opus' has been hidden in my laptop, or with the handful of people who were there at the time. What a waste! This can change. 'Opulent' gives me the energy to blog daily on beautiful and useful things. Word of the year is a movement created by Dr Jason Fox.

If you get a 'Now Page' or a 'Word of the Year', I would love to see it. Email me with a link.

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