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"Why bother, when it just gets messy again?"

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Im now the offical declutter designer of Delldent Flemming. She is my favourite client: a big picture thinker, generous and generative, with a network she has been investing in for a long time.

Like all people who are great at initiating, she is terrible at cleaning up afterwards. Like many big-picture thinkers, she is uninterested in tedious details. She loves bringing things in, but gets no joy when things get processed and sent on their way. I know the feeling. She just doesn't get that dopamaine 'ding' that brick-like people get when they tick the mental box, complete a task.

So I told her to get a bell, and she did.

Weve just begun. The bell is working. The culture is set, and the children hardly recognize their mother.

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