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We Pass it On

Updated: Feb 11, 2019

A person dear to me, hyper-active and hyper-successful, came to stay, here at Gardenfarm. On her last day of holiday, I gave her a back rub.

We sat on the on the porch, gazing down at the river, protected by giant stately gumtrees. She has a hyperactive son, with lots of modern diagnosis. He suddenly stopped being a teradactyl, and sat quietly on her lap. 'I've never seen him like this'. She was amazed.

'He is fine' I'd been telling her all along. 'He just has too much happening in his environment'.

I think that message did not get transmitted until today.

When it comes to change, saying information at people is almost useless.

Creating an experience for them, thats where the miracles happen.

Who we are being changes the world more than what we are saying.

If you are a teacher, a leader, do it without words. Give people around you the experiance of being peaceful. Being generous. Being heroic. Being pro-active. Then guide them to structure it in to their daily lives.

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