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We aren't building Paradise. We are already in paradise

I've just emerged from a weekend of Bathing, Building and Bonding at Dr Marc's meandering, ever-evolving home on the hillside in Warrandyte.

Like a perpetual motion machine, the past projects become the reward and fuel for the projects and playtime to come. The plums we eat, the edible staircase we traipse, the pizza oven, the spa and so many other earthly delights were all brought into this world through joyful parties of the past. 12 years worth.

It was two days of dipping in and out of maximum freely-given effort, and then hammock, pool and chill-out masage time. Nothing was planned, everying emerged: cool poeple turning up in waves, deliciousness, my declutter presentation to dissect with smart people, and opening up of new worlds left right and center. We rehabitiliated and re-homed the spidery compost zone, and the next moring, we were breakfasting and delighting each other in all the ways. Ankle massage, french children's songs, and a silly group dance are already treasures in my memory. Insights happened. We learned new words for new concepts from each other, that we used all weekend:

'Make familes' put objects together that support each others mission, and make each other look good.

'Transition turbulence' - the accidents that happen when transitoning from one room, state, activity, to another, a good time for mindful focus. 'Brick! Snowflake!': personality identification for appreciating difference and getting along.

and more.

Everyone feels they were generous. Everyone feels they got rich. 'We aren't building paradise, we are already in Paradise' said Mark. And it was so.


Dr Marc is embarking on 'bathe the world'. Its going to be so much fun.

Have your own declutter and reset party, or even better, have one co-hosted and planned with me. To apply, message me. Or come along to Dr Marcs next one.

Paradise begins.

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