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Updated: Apr 3, 2021

So many video basics I was blissfully unaware of, till today. - Don't Zoom and film in a smartphone - just get closer. - Get an interviewer to sit right beside the videographer. It elicits all this warmth and immediacy, and real communication - so much more. Do the 2 Day Digital Storytellers course, and all will be revealed.

City of Randwick Sustainability crew ran their course last week and my wonderful WWOOFer Miho Inagaki got to attend. She came back raving, and has been working away all week scripting and imaging the video she will present at Session 2. "The teacher was so young, but so clear and competent. Every word she said was useful, with no unnecessary words, and no missed words. It was so perfect. They got us to practice all the roles: videographer, interviewer, speaker. They showed us the essential elements of catchy stories, and got us to write them, there and then. It was so good. Its true, in just 2 minutes of video, you can change people's lives."

Her first project is on my housemate Stuart the MYOB scrum master, and Kaizen for your personal life: constant incremental improvement. The invisible interviewer who helped elicit wonderfulness was me. So much fun after lunch we were all feeling buoyant, so what do you do with such a Annabel Brown, in case she is in town. She was! Lunch. Thrills and wonders as usual, then just before she leaves, Miho asks "Can I video you giving a testimonial for Cecilia's Home Permaculture workshop ?" She happened to have a costume change, we happened to have the lighting, the camera all set up, so totally unplanned, more videos happened.

That's how life unfolds, after a Digital storytellers Workshop. Peter Dowson, Russ Grayson, Fiona look what you cause to happen in the world.

This Sunday there is a life-changing online workshop on Permaculture, starting at the kitchen sink. I'm running it, and you are invited. As I haven't worked out how to charge people, it no cost - Lucky you!

– Unfortunately this webinar has finished, please stay tuned for Cecilia's next one –

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