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Updated: Jan 5, 2019

Cecilia's Kitchen Goldfish, Annandale

Freely-given effort is one of the loveliest sights. If you asked me to make a Love Map of Melbourne, with love hearts showing the businesses and people doing their thing full out, with maximum freely-given effort, I'd fill the map with no hesitations. Im so attracted to people who found a way to do what they want to do.

There's an aquarium in Melbourne that would be near the center of the Lovemap. Its beside the Queen Victoria market, near my former home in North Melbourne. One evening I dashed in there with a goldfish emergency, a ragged tail problem. Although it was closing time, the young guy at the counter took my fishie out the back, looked at his tail under a microscope, and told me exactly what was causing it. That dedication to reality impressed me. Then something even more wonderful happened. After he sold me what I needed, he packed up, said 'See you on Monday' to his boss, then leaned over and gave him a kiss. Kissing your boss!

Well, I had to find the backstory, and here it is. The boss was the dad. He opened Upmarket Aquarium for his two sons, who were obsessed with fish. What a success. You can see obsession as soon as you walk down the stairs, and the wonderland opens up before you. Tanks have hand-written stories, on whats wonderful about each creature, what their character traits are, and how to make them happy.

If you have to much unwilling effort in your life, make an escape plan. I'll help. I've been practicing this for decades. I want to draw you into the lovemap, and get inspired by watching you doing things full out, many, many minutes each day.


Save the Goldfish of Australia: Call-out for Caring Designers.

Sad News. My beautiful kitchen goldfish in the picture has gone to heaven.

I don't want to talk about it.

Anway. It happened on a hot day, and my live-in volunteer assistant, a vegan, was angry at me for letting a predictable thing happen. So she should be. I promised not to get a new fish till we found a way to make bowls safe.

My Dream My dream is to get a talented designer to make a simple app, that reminds us to do an extra change of water on hot days, and keep the fishies cool and alive. How hard would it be?

- Appoint roles to a team of caring people

- Do a crowdfunding campaign

- Get an app designer. Pay them.

- Mail out stickers for aquariums to put in the bowls they sell.

What would the (volunteer) roles be?

- Project manager (not me).

- Outreach team.

- App Developer, Graphic designer.

- Media team. We could even work on it here, at Gardenfarm Paradise.

How wonderful, if this happened, and worked. How wonderful for the fishies.

Thank-you T, the Vegan Volunteer helper, for being so bossy, and changing the world.

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