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Towel Rack Dreams

Cecilia's Towel Rack Dreams. Keith=Earth Building. Ami=bring cheerleading to Australia. Aya=fuzzylove

A drawing of each housemate's dream and name identified their own towel, in our super-shared bathrooms. It was ‘three birds with one stone’ Permaculture:

1. We related to the dream version of each other, daily. 2. If we forgot the new person's name, no worries, there it is.

3. We never got a leftover towel.

Having a lovely dream and sharing it makes human connections even lovelier, and gives people a reason to connect with you.

Tomorrow is wonderful Julie's final day in her Gardenfarm Internship. Here are her thoughts on creating her next dream:

Intern Julie Magnus Polishing the Cute Shop Cart at Gardenfarm

My Dream

By Julie Magnus

Yesterday at Gardenfarm, Cecilia presented me permaculture and her 5S decluttering method.

To illustrate the principle 'three birds, one rock', she showed me a picture of the bathroom in her former house. Every housemate could hang his/her towel, and on the wall, Cecilia would write their names and a drawing representing their personal dream. More than one year ago, knowing these people’s dream, was a beautiful way to remember them.

It made me wonder for a minute: what is my dream ? how would they remember me here at Gardenfarm? 

So I decided that I should have a dream too:

I dream I could keep on living this peaceful Australian life forever, but, with the rare things I miss from Europe: the people I love and all the yummy French cheeses. 

I dream I could earn a living helping and inspiring people, by doing only the things I love (yoga, dancing, eating well, writing, observing, listening).

I dream I could always live where the sun is. I am born in summer. The sun makes happy, full of joy and energy. I want to live his rhythm.

I dream I could feel free to go, anytime, anywhere I want, even when I am not travelling.

I dream I could bring more flowing in my life, not just when I dance or do yoga : more flow in my communication, more flow in my decisions (less of '2 steps forward, 1 step backward'), more flow in my relationships. Less fear.

That’s a long dream. In short, I dream:

I could bring together all the things I loveI want to bring value to people by doing something I’m not bored of. I want sunlight and warmth. I never want to feel stuck again somewhere because of my belongings, an apartment or a job. I dream I could finally stop fearing being judged for who I am.

I am curious what drawing would be on the wall for this dream!


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