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Suspend Your Disbelief

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

When my wonderful WWOOF helper miho came to stay, she didn't heat anything in a microwave oven. She believed it hurts the food.

People believe weird things. This means, its quite certain I believe weird things too, not that I know what they are. I do know that If we don't have a do-able, attractive new way, we will cling to malfunctioning habits and pretend they work fine. Little forays into doing things differently for no particular reason may lead to useful discoveries.

I decided I'd match her and go for one month without eating microwaved food, since we were cooking and eating together, and I wanted to feel a close connection to her, because she is wonderful. Doing what your friends reccommend increases connection.

It meant a lot of washing saucepans for reheating, and I was glad when the month was over.

But I got this bonus, which is, I now have a habit of putting my saucer on top of my tea, to keep it warm till I'm ready to drink the rest. Only when I'm at home, as I don't want people to think I'm wierd.

Without this foray into suspending my disbelief, I never would have worked out this useful habit.


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