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Special People, and Baby Goats

Updated: Jan 14, 2019

Spend your days with wonderful people. Do whatever it takes, even if its filling your back garden with baby goats.

First you'll have to spend a few years working out what a wonderful person is like. That way, you'll be able to recognize them when you come across them, and find ways to do cool things, keep them in your life. Then spend some time becoming one yourself, so you don't annoy them, and they want to keep hanging out with you.

Last year, I put on this surprise birthday party for my wonderful housemate Alex, at my inner-Sydney home. Young Alex made me happy for many many months, just by walking in the door each day, and being his funny, responsible, perceptive self, taking on hard things in life without compaining (much). He asks for so little, that when he playfully requested a baby goat, I did my best to secretly make it happen, for one evening, anyway.

This home no longer exists. My landlord took it back, and I found my next adventure, here at Gardenfarm. Looking at the babygoat picnic video, I marvel afresh that I got to live with such delightful people. I'll tell you what was special about them, another day.


The world has a few billion people in it. If the ones you see this week at work, at your house aren't wonderful, please do whatever it takes to get the good ones in your life.

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