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Make things Self-Explanatory

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

When I visit a home for the first time, and everything is exactly where you guess it will be, its like I'm floating on a bubble of love. Setting up your life so you don't have to explain everything is an investment, just like putting money in the bank. Around you, things are easy, they work, and people want to be there, with you.

At Sydney Airport, there is the 'Priority' and the 'Express' pick up. Nobody knows the difference. Research will tell you: the express one takes longer to get to. Thats an embarrassing first impression for Sydney to make.

Call up the airport and tease them about it. Or better still, ask them to change it.

Name things Descriptively

In Japan, there are no Phillip's head screwdrivers. What does Phillip look like anyway?

There are Plus screwdrivers, shaped like a plus sign, and minus screwdrivers, shaped like a minus. Brilliant!

Do you know the difference between negative and postive ions? Negative ones make you feel positive. In Japan they are called minus ions, because they subtract bad energy. Much better.

I'm on a mission to get these slightly more clever names out there. I'd love you to help. Next time you ask for a screwdriver, be a revolutionary ambassador of self-explanatory, and use 'plus' or 'minus'. Next time you are sitting by a waterfall, feeling wonderful, thank the minus ions, and their nice electical charge.

I bet if you look around you all day today, you could re-name so many things beautifully. Tell me your suggestions, I'll be your missionary too.


Thankyou Russ and Fiona, for a wonderful weekend in Sydney. The time up high in your jewel-box like home was so peaceful, with everything I need just where I think it will be.

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