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Seditious Decluttering, at Remi's Kamakura

Updated: Jan 1, 2020

"Nothing opposes you, distracts you, or lets you down."

That was my goal for Remi and her house, and we did it. I'm so impressed.

For three years, Remi has been the powerhouse behind 'Giftivist' Kai Sawyer, creator of Tokyo Urban Permaculture and its recent beautiful books.

She did this producer work as her gift to Kai-san, and the world.

Next I was the one to get lucky, as hosted me and created a dream-world of permacutlure opportunities and events from her lovely Kamakura home.

Her support is an un-buyable gift. It felt my years of work sat on a dark shelf, and she took them out to the light, to be shared.

As tiny gift to her, I set her on the path to a clear, lovely house. It was easy. I just created a vision of the new 'DNA', she got the message and carried it out.

We used Permaculture design principles' Make families', 'Reduce unless diversity', and more.

Piles of useless things were ferried out the front door every day, till what we had in the end is in these pictures. 'Before' and 'After' are 5 weeks apart. '

After' is not set up for photos, thats how Remi keeps it, these days.

When we wake up, the kitchen smiles at us.

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